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Portland remembers the failures that brought national attention to our city in 2020.

Total Recall PAC is a grassroots political action committee formed after the November 2020 election, where Portland's failed Mayor won re-election with 47% of the vote. The majority is unified against status quo politicians, and volunteers are organizing to hold them accountable for malfeasance, wrongdoing, abuse of power, violating the will of the voters, and lying to get elected. Portland's elected officials have stood in the way of racial and economic justice for too long, colluded against the Black Lives Matter movement, violated campaign finance regulations, and made false promises to support reforming our out-of-control police department.

The laws allowing recalls in Portland are summarized on the city auditor's website. After an official has served 6 months in office, a recall effort can begin. Because we must wait until July, Total Recall PAC is right now working to spread the word about recall elections as a tool of our democracy that requires people power and participation. We're training a growing coalition of volunteers and organizers, and raising money to combat the wealth and power of the status quo. This summer, we'll file paperwork to begin the official effort, and we’ll have 90 days to gather 47,788 signatures. We are confident we will be able to collect far more.

To meet our goal, we’ll need a mix of volunteers and paid signature gatherers, so we need people who share our values to volunteer and to donate. We’re exploring how we can hold COVID-safe outdoor events, deliver signature sheets directly by couriers, and any other methods that will help us be successful. If you have energy to help, we need you!

Once the required number of signatures are verified, the “Five-Day Resignation Period” begins. During this time the subject of a recall has a chance to either resign, or to submit a written justification of their behavior while in office. If they lack the courage to resign, a special election is held no later than 35 days after the end of the Resignation Period. Total Recall PAC will work to ensure a majority of Portland votes to recall politicians who don't share our values and who lack the support of the majority.

The question on the ballot will read, "Do you recall?" And we will, because Portland remembers.