October 6, 2021 was the final day of the 90-day signature gathering period. To date we've counted the signatures of 21,763 Portlanders who believe that Ted Wheeler’s performance as mayor demands a city wide recall vote. Our thanks to each and every person who signed, donated, volunteered, and helped raise awareness. 

However, amidst a global pandemic, an economic contraction, and historic heat events, signature gathering is uniquely constrained and expensive. Those difficulties are further compounded by the arbitrary 90-day signature gathering period, resulting in an unacceptable burden on the free speech and recall power of the people of Portland. Despite the fact that massive concessions and social alterations have been made to accommodate safety and prosperity in the face of COVD-19, the city’s elections office denied Total Recall’s extension request.

So, we’re taking them to court to ensure the people of Portland have adequate opportunity to hold their elected officials accountable through a constitutionally guaranteed recall process.

“We believe that the state constitution is clear. Recalls are a right afforded citizens and the legislature may not put onerous restrictions on that right — especially in the middle of a pandemic,” said Juan Chavez, a Portland civil rights lawyer.

We have asked a federal court to waive the existing deadlines and physical signature impediments, and expect the court’s review in the coming days. When we know more, we’ll share it with you.

Until then, thank you again.

Portland deserves better than Ted Wheeler. If you’re a Portland resident and are registered to vote, join the movement to recall him by signing today.

START HERE: How many people are signing? 



If it’s just you signing, use an E-Sheet. Download & print

MULTIPLE PEOPLE (Circulator Sheet)

If multiple people are signing (such as family, neighbors, roommates) use a Circulator Sheet. Download & print *DOUBLE SIDED

HOW TO SIGN: *Read carefully, mistakes will result in your signature(s) being thrown out. 

Sign an E-Sheet:

  • Click above to download an E-Sheet. Once printed, follow these instructions carefully and print legibly. If your sheet is inaccurate or hard to read it may be thrown out.

  • Sign and date the first two blank lines. Your signature must match your voter registration signature on file and the date must be (mm/dd/yy).

  • On the last line print your name and current address but leave the “Sheet number” field blank.

  • Check your work for accuracy and legibility. If it’s sloppy or incorrect, print a new sheet and do it again.


Sign a Circulator Sheet:

  • Click above to download a Circulator Sheet. Print double sided, follow these instructions carefully, and print legibly. If your sheet is single sided, inaccurate, or hard to read it may be thrown out.

  • Circulator sheets do not need to be full to be submitted, but up to 10 registered voters can sign per sheet.

  • You can submit as many sheets as you want. Each registered voter can only sign once.

  • Have each signer complete one of the numbered lines legibly. If anyone makes a mistake, move on to a new sheet.  

  • As soon as you’re done collecting signatures or your sheet is full, sign and date the “Circulator Certification” at the bottom of the page. Make sure the certification date is the same as, or after, the date of the last signature and be sure to do this on every sheet you turn in. The circulator who signs each sheet needs to personally observe each person while signing. Unattended sheets are not allowed.

  • Leave the “Sheet number” field blank.

  • Do not make notes or markings on the sheet beyond the required information. 

  • Volunteers can use the circulator sheet even though the "Paid Circulators" checkbox is checked. Do not check the "Volunteer Circulators" box even if you are volunteering.


You’re almost done. It's now too late to mail in signature sheets, but drop sites are available on the map below until October 5. You can also bring your signature sheets to: 

2249 E. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214

Sat. Oct. 2 4pm-8pm
Sun. Oct. 3 4pm-8pm
Mon. Oct. 4 10am-8pm
Tues. Oct. 5 10am-4pm & 6pm-8pm


Can I sign digitally? No. Electronic voter petitions are illegal in Oregon. Please use one of the forms above.


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