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Collecting signatures and raising funds are the only way to Recall Wheeler.
Find an event below and let’s make it happen! 


Join other Portlanders in collecting signatures to Recall Wheeler. As one volunteer noted: “It’s fun and easy! 95% of people who will talk to you support it.” Want to know more? Check out our Signature Gatherers FAQ: read here


Listed below are events around town that Total Recall PDX volunteers have suggested as good signature gathering opportunities. All you have to do is pick one to attend, bring your signature sheets, clipboard and pen, and maybe a Total Recall shirt and/or sign to get people’s attention, then show up. Bonus points if you can share where you are on social and tag @TotalRecallPDX so we can boost.


If you need help getting printed sheets or other supplies, please reach out to:


*These events are not formally endorsed by Total Recall PDX, nor have the events formally endorsed Total Recall PDX. We remind all volunteers to be mindful of surroundings and circumstances when choosing when and where to gather signatures. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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