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His failed leadership is killing us. Portland deserves better.


Having Ted Wheeler as Mayor adds nothing to our city. He brings:

  • no new ideas - and rejects innovations

  • no leadership skills and high staff turnover

  • no public confidence or ability to build broad public support

  • no accountability 

  • no respect for the law

Instead, Wheeler’s leadership not only harms Portlanders -- it has actually been lethal. We’ve all seen:

  • Police stood by and did nothing under Wheeler’s command in August, allowing armed clashes on Portland streets and schools, and leaving Parkrose neighborhood residents and business owners feeling “terrorized,” “abandoned,” and “betrayed.”9

  • 71 lives lost in Multnomah County from the heat wave while Wheeler was nowhere to be found1

  • At least 7 people in mental health crises murdered by police in the past 4 years2 - yet he reneged on expanding a safe alternative (Portland Street Response)3

  • 6,000+ use of force incidents by police in 2020 alone4

  • 4,000+ people in Portland/Multnomah County without homes (before the pandemic hit!)5 -- and 9 in 10 Portlanders dissatisfied with the City’s response to homelessness6

  • 36% of residents surveyed are dissatisfied with Portland as a place to raise their kids7

  • 40% fewer Black people employed by the City since 20198

  • and that’s just the beginning.

In 2018, Wheeler was caught on a hot mic saying he couldn’t wait for his first term to end. In 2020, the majority of Portlanders agreed: 54% of ballots were cast against him. And he was only able to compete by ignoring a campaign finance law passed by 87% of Portland voters. Today, our polling shows only 13% of Portlanders have a favorable view of his performance.

Fortunately, Wheeler himself supports mayoral recalls. In 2010, Wheeler said: 

[A recall] puts the decision where it belongs with the voters. This is about the voters having a say. If I were in this position, I would want to have a clear signal from voters that I am capable of doing a good job or I would get the message that it is time for someone else to take up the reins. Either way I could move on and the community could move on.

Source: Willamette Week, 2010

Portland, Ted is asking for a clear signal. Let’s send him one. It’s time for someone else to take up the reins.

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