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For Valentine's Day we asked for your poster submissions to tell us how Portland should #BreakUpWithTed. Here are some picks from our wonderful and talented community:

Downloadable 8.5"x11" pdf. versions of these submissions below: 

Molly Robin - Drop Ted a Line

(she/her), Instagram: @mollyRobin, Venmo: molly-robin-1

Shana Lee Hampton - Stitched Break-Up Letter

(she/her) Instagram: @ShanaLeeHampton, Venmo: @ ShanaleeHampton,

Mar - It's Not Us, It's You

(they/them), Twitter: @stickr_bitch, Venmo & Cashapp: @/$stickrbitch

Jake Johnson:

Broken Record

Eyes Over Here Ted

Van Snatch

1,000% It's You

(he/him), Instagram: @IllosByJake, Venmo: @jakefartstoo, Cashapp: $bucksarecool

Jen Taft: 

Piggy ACAB

Roses are Red

Twitter: Pandemic Duck News @Jen3Taft

Tommy Kiser - Say Goodbye