What is a recall?

Who is Total Recall PDX?

Total Recall PDX is a volunteer-driven organization that emerged from the grassroots following the November 2020 election. We’re everyday Portlanders with a passion for democracy, and our numbers are growing as we work together on this important project for the future of our city. We have a role for you to be a part of the work!

Who are you trying to recall?

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who only received 46% of the vote in November 2020. Now, the majority is unified in the belief that Ted must be removed from office as soon as possible, due to his malfeasance, wrongdoing, violations of voter-approved campaign finance laws, and for standing in the way of racial and economic justice. Wheeler opposes the policy goals of the Black Lives Matter movement, and has failed to address the ongoing housing crisis in our city.

Why not other politicians?

At this time, Total Recall PAC is focusing all of its efforts on our campaign to recall Ted Wheeler, as  he poses the greatest threat to this city, and was elected with a less than majority vote. 


Who is eligible to sign?

Anyone signing must be an active registered voter in the City of Portland at the time of signing the petition in the electoral district where the petition is being circulated. map

Where do I sign?

Right now, you don't. We can't begin gathering signatures until this summer.


Why aren’t you gathering signatures now?

We would be if we could. The law states that we must wait until a politician has held an office for 6 months following their election. This means we can’t collect any signatures until July 1, 2021. In the meantime, we’re collecting donations to power the effort, as well as growing and training our volunteer base to build a strong, grassroots campaign.

How will you use the donated money?

Total Recall PDX is a campaign with a plan to win a Recall election. Like all political campaigns, there are definite costs associated, like paying for staff, direct mail, and printing t-shirts and other materials. And we're up against entrenched special interests that have shown themselves willing to spend outrageous amounts of money, and flex the power of the status quo. We commit to being fully transparent with the community about how we spend the money we raise, and we’ll use the ORESTAR reporting system and associated campaign finance laws to ensure we’re transparent with the state as well.


How can I get involved?

A recall needs people power and participation to be successful. We need donors to give money and volunteers ready to do whatever it will take to win. We have work for artists and creatives, communicators and social media users, signature-gatherers and campaign advisors. For more information, or to begin our volunteer onboarding process, check out one of our virtual Recall Info Sessions.

Do recalls actually work?

When residents get involved and work together, recalls are often successful. Oregon City recalled their Mayor just last year. Spokane, Washington did the same in 2005. Join us and help ensure our effort is successful.

Who will replace the candidates you recall?

As we build legitimacy and strength going into signature gathering, viable candidates are able to seriously weigh their decision about whether or not to jump into a special election post-recall. We are focused on firing Ted and giving democracy a chance to play out. Our campaign cannot and will not target or endorse those candidates but we have faith that with Ted out of the way, the right person for the job has a shot.


Who can I speak to about press inquiries? 

Email: info@totalrecallpdx.com